Want to look at new opportunities on the farm?
The Rural Futures team all originate from, and in some cases are still actively farming. As a result we know what the issues are for modern farm businesses. From improving the way you manage your business, investigating diversification opportunities, reviewing environmental options to simply managing the paper work, Rural Futures can assist.

Farm Business Administration
Modern farming now requires you to focus almost as much time dealing with the plethora of paperwork as you do farming. Rural Futures can relieve some of that burden. We can assist with all the requirements your business needs; single farm payment issues, farm accounts, movement records and other regulatory requirements. We can tailor our services to your needs through either one off visits or regular administrative support.

Farm Diversification
Rural Futures has a track record in assisting farm businesses to look at new diversification opportunities. You may be looking to release capital or develop new income through the creation of a new on farm enterprise. We tailor our support to your needs. Through our expertise in planning and funding we can assist you with the regulatory and statutory processes, access funds and assist with your business planning. There are very few sectors that we have not assisted so we know what works where. This practical experience can identify issues in advance and deliver your objectives at minimum cost and time.

Environmental Delivery
Rural Futures can provide assistance with agri-environment schemes. We have delivered numerous Entry Level (ELS), Upland Entry Level (UELS), Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) and Woodland Grant Schemes (WGS). Our team has a track record in delivering complex schemes including multiple beneficiary agreements, legal side agreements and support with the creation of commons agreements and articles. We have also delivered agri environmental support on behalf of public bodies including Natural England and Local Authorities.

Renewable Energy
As energy costs keep rising many farm businesses are looking to generate their own power. At the same time renewable energy can also provide a new income stream to the farm business that requires minimum management input. Whether you’re looking at micro renewables for your own needs or larger energy generating opportunities the Rural Futures team can provide advice and guidance on what best suits your requirements and location. We have a track record of delivery of all the technologies available including Anaerobic Digestion. We are not linked to any technology provider so we can guarantee accurate and impartial advice to suit your needs.

Planning and Farming
Delivering planning permissions on farm has a number of unique issues and opportunities. The Rural Futures team have an in depth understanding of the planning system in relation to agriculture. From basic permitted development rights through planning policy and agricultural housing, farm based planning applications need to be supported by advice that understands and supports farm businesses. By combining planning with our farm business knowledge we can tailor planning application to prove agricultural need and fit with rural development policy.

Rural Futures - providing rural business support via, project planning and management, advising on RDPE and other grants, feasibility studies, business plans and planning advice. Specialists in public sector rural regeneration programme management, delivery, monitoring and evaluation to provide sustainable economic and environmental development including Entry Level (ELS), Upland Entry Level (UELS), Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) and Woodland Grant Schemes (WGS). . Experience in renewable energy, local food production, farm and rural business diversification, and community resource and social enterprise projects. Portfolio includes projects in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Gtr. Manchester and throughout the North West and the UK.