Gulu Renewable Energy Options – Northern Uganda

Gulu region is located to the north of Uganda. Following years of conflict stability has finally returned however development is being hindered by the lack of affordable, reliable electricity. Through its partners the Gulu Link wishes to develop a two stage implementation project associated with localised energy supply through Anaerobic Digestion (AD).

Rural Futures is providing technical expertise to the programme delivering support associated with AD technology appraisal, feedstock assessment and associated agricultural infrastructure requirements.

AD provides a real opportunity to not only develop a sustainable energy source but also to create opportunities within the region’s agricultural economy. Through a basic power infrastructure program wider benefits will be delivered to the region’s economy, healthcare and educational provision.

The project will be delivered through a partnership which includes the Gulu Municipality, Gulu community groups, Gulu University and local energy providers and distributers.

Stage One of the project will assess the actual needs and opportunities within Gulu for this type of localised energy supply solution. Stage Two will then deliver the recommended solution based on the identified Stage One model.

The two stage nature of the program aims to provide a solution based on identified need, capacity and capability rather than a top down solution that may not be appropriate for Gulu.
It is hoped that through this approach the provision of a local energy solution can be directly linked to wider economic, environmental and social benefits for the people of Gulu.


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